Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 8 Cont'd. The Birthday moves to London

Our trek to Watford Junction was exciting but we were all a little knackered so we popped back to the hotel for a bit of a rest.   Cassy and I ran down to Mark's and Spencers (gosh I miss them in Canada) and picked up a prawn sandwich for me...I was hankering one since arriving in England.  

We also managed to locate for a certain young lady a rose pink Birthday cake!   Cassy found a strawberry "milkshake" which is really strawberry quik and milk but has decided that this was the best new drink ever.   I let her know I grew up on Strawberry Quik.  "you're so lucky mom"

We picked up some biscuits and a fruit plate that she just "had to have" and headed back to the hotel.  The cashier was a nice fellow who just gushed over her and asked if he could come and have some cake with us making her giggle and blush.

The fruit plate that she just adored

She also HAD to buy a glass of wine for Daddy because it was just the coolest thing she'd ever seen

We head down again towards the London Eye and have dinner along the boardwalk there (not very good)

Someone gets to have her Birthday cake along the River Thames.  We were going to do it on the Eye itself but then thought it might not be a very good idea.

Trying to light the candles was a challenge with a small breeze
Happy Birthday to you my sweet girl

It was delicious

We find a carousel on the way back to the Eye.  William (Liam's proper name) is riding William

Cassy can't find a Cassandra so she rides her cousin Olivia

Liam changes his mind and wants to ride on his Brother's name

We head onto the Eye when my battery dies so after this shot we will have to live with date stamps from my daughter's camera.
Note the dead upside down purple cow...I have no idea

It appears my husband was channeling his "all the single ladies" pose

Topping the night off was a round of bumper cars with Daddy

Last shot captured before the all out bumper war began!

A birthday that a young lady won't ever forget!

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