Friday, May 18, 2012

Day Four. Musee Invalides, Notre Dame, Pont Neuf

 Our final day of touring Paris was certainly filled with activity.  We started with a quick breakfast of croissants from the bakery and some fruit and coffee.   After an initial "oops we can't find one of our metro passes" we located it on the floor by the bed and made our way to the Metro down to Notre Dame Cathedral. When I was a child my parents took me to Montreal and while I don't remember much of the quick trip I do remember the Notre Dame Cathedral there modelled on the one in Paris.  I remember sitting in awe at the beauty and magesty of such a place.   I could not go to Paris without seeing the original.  It did not disappoint.  My children are all baptized Catholic but we do not go to mass so the kids were a little out of their element, but I don't think you can take the Catholic out of a girl who was raised singing at weekly masses.

The stained glass work is something to behold.  Utterly Priceless

It is believed that part of the original cross is held in this piece.

I couldn't help but think of my grandmothers.  Both devout Catholics while admiring the church.
I lit a memory candle for each of them and my dear beloved brother who left us too soon was honoured at Sacre Coeur.

I just loved these Metro signs as we exit the church and make our away around the island

We find ourselves at Pont Neuf.  The New Bridge. 

From here we meandered along the river, bought some artwork from a local vendor as a momento and found ourselves back in front of the Louvre.  We were meeting the daughter of a friend studying medicine at Lyon for lunch and had some time so the children found some other children and started playing in the park with Dad keeping a close eye while I relaxed for a bit on a bench

We are now heading back to Champs  Elysée to meet Fiona for lunch.  She was in town getting a visa to work in an orhpanage in Africa for the summer.   I can't imagine the worry her parents must have.  They have relocated from Switzerland to Montreal now.   I am concerned for her but also know she is smart enough to leave if she is not comfortable.

Our meeting place

We had settled on Italian for lunch.  I was a little aghast that we were having Italian in Paris but it was an easy choice for the kids and it was really very good!   My daughter waiting for the loo at the restaurant as we sat on the patio

Two ridiculously photogenic young ladies.  Our daughter and our friend.

That's a big pizza for a little girl

After a leisurely lunch we set off to the Invalides area of Paris on foot.  Fiona walked with us as she had some time.  This is Abecrombie and Fitch in Paris.  It certainly puts the mall versions here in Canada to shame

Making our way with the Alexandre bridge in the background.

We have arrived. 

The children noted the indent from artillery on the cannon

Kids and cannons seem to be attracted to each other

She loved the shape of the trees and needed a photo

In the gate

They had a childrens version on the audioguides leading the children through the exhibits looking for certain items like a scavenger hunt.  They thoroughly enjoyed it

His best Samauri pose

My daughter didn't think my brother's horses would appreciate the armour

They had some interesting faces

Chiildren's armour was kind of creepy

Napleon's resting place.  To quote my children.  "That's an awfully big coffin for such a little man"

The ceiling above the resting place

Marshall Ferdinand Foch of the French army.  Hero of WW1

I don't think you can lift it dear brother
Boys will be boys

Part of what a soldier would be carrying into battle WW1

I never fail to get chills when I see this.  Tears once again form looking at the papers from Jewish victims

Daddy teaching the kids about what these were used for

An excellent exhibit.  Unfortunately we ran out of time to finish exploring it but it was very very well done.  I would give yourself approx 3 hours to see everything.   The audioguides need to be returned an hour before closing so take that into consideration as well.  From there we once again bought sandwiches and made our way back to the apartment to pack up and let the kids have a swim before leaving Paris in the morning.

A final tidbit as we left the Museum.  This building is spectacular.  We read that there is more iron supporting the roof of this building than in the Eiffel Tower.

Four long days in Paris with two kids leaves us like this!!  Oh dear...we still have to pack

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