Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day Two. Musee L'Orangerie, Musee D'Orsay, Legionairre Museum

We woke up to a lovely morning and again hit the Metro down towards the Museums.   We had not planned a lot of art museums as we figured the kids would turn off very quickly and be bored.  I had no intention of dragging two kids through the Louvre.

My youngest however has spent ten years of his life staring at one of Monet's Water Lilies and there was no way I was flying all the way to France and not seeing Monet's works.

Our first stop was the Musee L'Orangerie, where no photos were allowed but we sat and enjoyed Monet's masterpieces.  Even our young lad was captivated by the paintings.  There was something magical about sitting there simply admiring the artistry of these incredible works.

We then sauntered down to the lower level and enjoyed additional works of art.   It was then my  ten year old son then discovered that artists like to paint nudes.  He was rather embarrassed and shielded his eyes constantly.   His sister took great delight in saying. "oh's okay, this one is just a still know... fruit."    BAAAHAAAA....psyche.

I love that my little man is still embarrased by the naked form.
We left and then headed to Musee D'Orsay which was once a train terminal.  The building is Beautiful!!  As soon as we stepped in the kids were awed by the clocks and said "HUGO".

Hugo indeed!

The museum was phenomenal and we all enjoyed the artwork and the architecture.   Young Liam was starting to show he had had his fill of artwork so we finally left after exploring the entire museum.

 We wandered about again and found ourselves in the great parks heading towards the Louvre.  We played and enjoyed the scenery and simply people watched for awhile.
 Enjoying the public art
 Walking towards the Louvre
 Dad teased them and told them it was a maze.  Poor Liam...there was a naked statue.  His sister covered her up for him
 Get me outta here!!
 No more art more ART
But the pyramid is pretty cool

Oh...I almost forgot.  We were leaving Musee D'Orsay and happened to go past the Legionairres Museum.  It had a free exhibit of Napoleon as well as their regular exhibits.  It was incredibly interesting.  They had military medals from every country in the world through history.   They were unbelievably beautiful. A nice little side trek indeed.   

We saw the bridge with all the locks attached.  The legend says if you lock the lock and throw the key into the river your love will never be broken.

A full day, so we headed back to the apartment, picked up some crepes and sandwiches enroute and we all collapsed into bed early as we had an early morning trek to Versailles the next day.

It may seem like a low key day (and it was for photos that day) but we spent the day at a relaxed pace just enjoying discovery we would find around the next corner.   We truly just enjoyed the atmosphere.

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